As we close in on our top 3 moments, what better

way to introduce our top three than to highlight

the WOMEN of WBBC! Make sure you’re on the

Webinar (click here) on Monday or Tuesday

(Aug. 22nd or 23rd) to find out how to get a

WBBC in your gym!


“Who run the world?”




The WBBC Biggest-is-Better Moment #3 highlight

the badass women of WBBC:


Girls. Run. Shit.


There is an elite group of ladies absolutely CRUSHING their

World’s Best Boot Camp locations, gyms, and communities.


They are influential, innovative, and consistently

run camps of 50+ people.


They are leaders in their community and have

proven that they can RUN THE WORLD.


It goes without saying, these ladies are BAMFs.


Sarah James of WBBC – North Florida


Because of their badassery, The WBBC HQ team

makes sure that these ladies are rewarded with a tank

top that represents just how awesome they are.


These tank tops are EARNED, not given.


They are worn with pride and are a true token

of what it means to be a woman running the

show in a world of men.


Jodi Jordan of WBBC – New Orleans


In fact, consistently kicking ass has earned over 15 of

our current WBBC Licensees the coveted

Girls.Run.Shit tank top.


These ladies wear these tank tops

to proudly let everyone know:


Girls. Run. Shit

image (1)

Allison Timm of WBBC – Southeast Minnesota

Curious how they do it?

Wondering if you have what it takes to

be the female leader in your community?


You’ll have your chance to talk to some of these

BAMF ladies on our webinar call on

Monday August 22nd and Tuesday August 23rd


Click on this link and join the event to make sure you


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