At World’s Best Boot Camp, we’re the catalyst for

change in our communities…


We’re in the business of changing lives…


And we want to change every single life for the better.


In a small town in Minnesota, one licensee is

DOMINATING her territory doing just that.


Meet the licensee who IS changing every single life

in her community,

Susan Schuldt Gillson from WBBC Central Minnesota;

our WBBC’S Bigger-is-Best Moment #4!

WBBC Central Minnesota is one of our O.G’s

(if you’re not familiar with our lingo, that stands for Original Gangster)


In the first year, WBBC Central Minnesota had

200 Troopers come thru their program.


That’s pretty incredible…because the population of

Princeton MN is roughly 4000 people.


If you’re with me and doing the math, by the end of 2014,

Susan had already changed 5% of her town’s lives!


After the last Troop finished in 2015,

WBBC Central Minnesota saw 526 people graduate!


Still with me and doing the math?


13% of her community had their lives changed for the better

with two more troops to go before the year is over.


To date, WBBC Central Minnesota has had over 700

people go thru the program.


In a town of just over 4000 people, Susan has changed

the lives of almost 20% of her town!




By early 2017, Susan’s goal is to have ? of her town

graduate from WBBC Central Minnesota.


And by looking at her numbers, she’s more than well

on her way!


Susan’s proof that you don’t need to live in a big city

to do the most good.


Small town success from a BAD ASS OG in Minnesota!


She’ll be LIVE on our webinar Monday August 22nd & Tuesday August 23rd

if you wanna know more about how she does it.


Because believe me, there’s so much more AWESOME here!


Here’s the link to the event!

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