Does any of this sound familiar?


“I need to be in shape first, I can’t do CrossFit®”


“I can’t even touch my toes! There’s no way I can do squats or push-ups!”


“I’m too old for all of that…I wouldn’t be able to keep up”


As CrossFit® Affiliate owners, we’ve heard this time and time again…


If I had a dollar every time someone told me they couldn’t

do CrossFit®, I’d be outfitted like I was participating in the Games.


I know you’ve heard the excuses reasons too…

And so has Samantha Stine, owner of Declaration CrossFit

and World’s Best Boot Camp Wayne County.


Until one day, Joe signed up for Troop 014 at

WBBC Wayne County.


Joe is 88 years young.


And our #7 Biggest WBBC Bigger-is-Best Moment!


(You can get your own WBBC territory…just

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For Joe, signing up for World’s Best Boot Camp,

was about maintaining a standard of living….


And for Samantha Stine and her coaching team,

it’s about changing lives and doing the most good in their community.


Because of World’s Best Boot Camp, Joe can squat;

which means he can get out of a chair!


He also does planks…(see below)…


Since World’s Best Boot Camp, Joe’s since become

a regular part of the Declaration CrossFit family.


Joe even does BURPEES now..which means he

can get up and down off the floor!


He’s an inspiration and a source of motivation

to everyone; defying all excuses.


World’s Best Boot Camp is about changing lives. .


At 88 years young; it’s changed Joe’s life.


Who’s quality of life could you change in your community?


Who could you help live a longer, healthier life?


Find out how!


Join us for our webinar on either August 22nd or August 23rd!


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