We hope you’re enjoying some of the biggest moments that

we’ve shared as a group.


We’re really proud and excited of everything going on,

and I’m sure you can already see why…


For our WBBC’S Bigger-is-Best Moment #8, we’re talking



Yep. While many owners are struggling to run their

single location, WBBC has been a platform for our

gym owners to thrive at their first location and has

forced many of them to open up another location.


Because they LITERALLY start to out-grow their space.


They not only have OPENED these second locations, but

they are profiting as well.


You see, the World’s Best Boot Camp has:

-brought in $12.5 million to gym owners (that isn’t a typo and ONLY

includes money made directly from WBBC…not upgrades into

their Crossfit® programs)


-had 50,000+ troopers go through the program (paid, no freebies)


(if you want to see how you could run a WBBC at your gym,

you’ll need to be on one of our webinars coming up. Go here

to find out how to be a part of it all!)


So let’s give a HUGE congrats and shout out to our licensees

that have already taken the next step in getting another gym


WBBC – Southeast Minnesota (Crossfit Credence)


WBBC – Wayne County (Declaration Crossfit)


WBBC – Central Minnesota (Beyond Sport Crossfit)

WBBC – Northern Louisiana (Crossfit Ruston)




And you can totally be a part of it…but not unless

you jump on our webinar coming up August 22nd

And 23rd.


We’ll see you there.


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