As coaches and affiliate owners we hear excuses from people

as to why they can’t do CrossFit® all the time.


Some common ones we’re always hearing:


“But I’m too slow”.


“I’m too fat”


“I’m going to be the most out of shape…”


Carol, from World’s Best Boot Camp North Country, had some reservations about completing the program.


However, her reason as to why she was unsure was a little bit different than those listed above.


You see, 16 years ago, she had a spinal injury that cost her the use of her abductors,

her feet and ankles, and one hamstring.


Doctors diagnosed her as paralyzed and said she would never be able to walk again.


On a good day, before WBBC, she was able to stand at her kitchen sink.


She had walked before, but at max, between 5 – 10 feet.


Carol pushed her fears aside, and came to WBBC North Country’s Troop 016 Enlistment Day;

completing the baseline workout in her wheelchair.


Over the course of the next 6 weeks, she came early to PT every time.  


With the help of Commander Michael Plank, she completed her Pre PT Fast March

inside the gym using her walker; adding one length at a time.


After 16 years of being confined to a wheelchair, Carol walked assisted, with help from her fellow troopers, 100 meters!


There’s no doubt in our mind, that Carol is WBBC’s Bigger-Is-Best #1 Moment!

Carol’s success is what we’re all about at World’s Best Boot Camp locations around the world.

Our mission at each and every WBBC location (50+ and growing) is to #DoTheMostGood


Are you ready to #dothemostgood in your community?


Join us on the webinar tomorrow to find out how!


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