These numbers are going to be something that you

Might not believe at first.


We know this because we actually had someone

Comment on Facebook stating it was IMPOSSIBLE

For a WBBC licensee to make more money

Than a surgeon does.


(here’s the post)

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.12.16 PM

Here’s what WBBC – Memphis licensee Justin

Emmons had to say about this…

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.12.24 PM

The truth is, MANY of our licensees have

made more money from WBBC alone than

they have with any other salaried job

they’ve had in the past.


WBBC’s Bigger-is-Best Moment Countdown #2

is Justin Emmon’s (owner of Crossfit Bartlett) success.

He has made

REMARKABLE changes to his gym through

WBBC and beyond.


You may remember from Moment #6 that he had 180 people

In his gym on his WBBC Bring-A-Friend Party

(143 of those were NON-clients too…)


But what we didn’t reveal then was the amount

of money he has made through WBBC as a whole.


This doesn’t include retail products, upgrades into

his Crossfit® program, or anything else.


This is through World’s Best Boot Camp ALONE.


In 2.5 years, Justin Emmons of WBBC – Memphis has made

$330,000 from WBBC alone….


…he makes roughly $60,000 in his gym between

WBBC enlistments and Crossfit® upgrades every

time he runs a camp.

(which is 7 times per year…you do the math).


At one point, prior to WBBC, Justin thought he’d have

to close his gym.


Now??? He’s just working on the logistics for the

80 person camp he has coming in this weekend.


80 new clients. In ONE DAY.


Be like Justin.

Jump on the WBBC Webinar this coming

Monday and Tuesday (Aug. 22nd and 23rd)

to start making the big money (yes, more than

A surgeon makes) and doing the MOST good

In your community by helping the MOST people.



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