A week after our last big seminar, Burch brought up a question at our regular BIZ Staff meeting:

“Why did this seminar feel so different than the past?”

We all agreed that this one in particular had something “extra.” All the regular events of a BIZ seminar took place – the morning coffee, the midday workout, Burch making someone cry and Burch shedding a tear or two himself. But the emotional impact of the topics at hand and the interconnectedness we all felt was truly unique this time around.

“It felt more like a reunion,” was my thought.

This was the third BIZ seminar I’ve attended, and what I noticed is that we all knew each other already. Most of the Virginia seminar attendees were also at the seminar last July, and most of them are the topic of conversation frequently on the BIZ Forums and Facebook pages. All of us were familiar with each other’s gyms, their competitors, their struggles, and their successes.  Going out to dinner and the bars later that night felt like hanging out with a group of old college buddies.

You can see how touched many of us were in this video (yes, we may be a few glasses of wine in…).

What did we all have in common?

The BIZ. Specifically, all of us were doing everything in our power to incorporate the principles and ideas that Burch, Miss Awesome, and the SMEs teach us. We all spoke the same language. We all used the same tools. We all strived to be better than the rest.

We were ALL IN. Before it even become a “thing” to be all-in. Our common purpose, ambitions, and troubles united us all into a friendship based on financial openness, the sharing of good ideas and the concern for each other’s success.

There are a lot of good reasons to join the ALL-IN program… but for me, this camaraderie and support is the most important one.

There are only 3 days left to join the ALL-IN program. I’m really glad I’m not going to be missing out on this. I hope you’ll be able to say the same.

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