cluelessWhen I got started with the BIZ systems I was a totally BLANK canvas.

As in, I knew NOOOTHING about running a gym (or a business!) I was an (almost) 20 year old Classical Civilizations major who spent my free time translating Ancient Greek.

During my hours of consulting (that the BIZ offered with our Fast Track Your Box program)

I learned just how useful that actually was to me..

My complete cluelessness has actually been a remarkable advantage.


It might sound crazy.. But keep reading if you wanna find out how my cluelessness added $20K/month in revenue.


Why? How?

Because I blindly followed the plan. I learned very quickly to follow exactly what Burch said. I never strayed from the homework assignments he gave, I religiously watched 30 minutes of modules/day and did the homework assignments/downloads with it. I also, had never even coached a class before.


I had to go from 0 to 100… real quick 😉

I become a Module master. I learned to loooove tracking numbers (something I used to hate and seriously struggled with.. Sorry Burch)


But here’s where it gets tricky…

You have knowledge.

You’ve been working for a while


You might even ALREADY OWN your own box.

And things have been ok right?


Some of our systems might be different than what you’re currently doing…


But that’s EXACTLY WHY you got involved right??


We’re not good with just being OK over here at the BIZ.

We expect GREAT. We expect to work with gyms where people leave feeling like they just had the coolest gym experience of their life.

Where athletes of all athletic ability feel CARED ABOUT.

We expect our gyms to be the BEST DAMN GYM EVER.


And sometimes that means we’re going to push your limits.

We might expect you to do something that seems Unreasonable, or Unrealistic.


It can get uncomfortable and it can be exhausting..

But ya know what’s not exhausting?

Sleeping well at night because YOU KNOW the bills will be paid

(and there will be money left over to save – or spoil your team with a surprise.. Or GO ON A VACATION!!)


So.. moral of the story…


1.Don’t take what we tell you to do as “suggestions” take them as DIRECTIVES.

Implement our tools and we know you’ll see results.

It’s been proven over and over again.


2.Try to be as much of a blank canvas as possible.

In my summers I work at an Episcopalian camp in the Blue Ridge mountains of VA. One of our commitments we make for the entire summer is to be Open to Outcomes. I have found that it applies to everything in my life, including my career. Go into studying the modules with an “Open to Outcomes” mindset and watch as your life becomes so much better. These systems work.


After working with thousands of gyms.. We’ve perfected the systems needed to make your life enjoyable.
Get in touch with us now and let’s make sure your gym is THE BEST in your community.



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