SilverNanos_HighFives_v1Most people that know me pretty well know that I am not a very emotional person. I grew up with 5 brothers and no sisters.  I joined the military right after high school and served 2 tours to the middle east. The program and people I am going to talk about here have a special place in my heart and it’s hard to NOT get emotional.

I have been into fitness since I was about 16 and around the age of 20 I decided that I wanted to do something fitness related as a career.  Never in my dreams would I have thought I would be doing what I am doing now at the level I am doing it at.

Alright, enough about me..

This is about a program I started with a group of people that have spent the last 20 to 30 years of their lives taking care of others.  Maybe not taking care of their own needs.

One person in particular is a lady named Joan.  I met Joan 5 years ago as a personal trainer at a globo gym.  I was meeting with her and her husband twice a week for 30 min.  


Shortly after her 2nd hip surgery we introduced the Silver Nanos program to our gym.  Joan and her husband were some of the first in the program and they have both seen incredible results. 5 years and 2 hip replacements later Joan is in the best shape of her life.

Joan is able to run short distances and squat below parallel.  She has even done several 5k races over the past year.  One of the best things about this program is the community it creates within a community. It’s become common for Silver Nanos invite everyone over for wine & cheese. We have a private group that is a safe place for them to ask questions and discuss struggles they’re facing that the 20 year olds can’t even comprehend.

These athletes have different needs and goals than a 20-30 year old might have.  And with Silver Nanos we allow them to feel fulfilled at the end of each class because everyone has a common goal and they are working towards that together.



Joan is just 1 example of the 100’s who have participated in Silver Nanos over the past year. Our average class size hit 40 and we’ve had to add more classes. And when we saw such consistent and impressive results with this program.. we knew we had to make sure other people around the world had access to it.

It would be wrong of me to keep this to myself. Everyone deserves this opportunity. To get into the best shape of their lives NO MATTER THEIR AGE. And that is why we’ve decided to make the Silver Nanos available to anyone.


All you’ve gotta do is click this link.

(And, while you’re there you might want to check out the two other DFY programs from the BIZ.)


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