The BIZ is going to be running a series of articles

in light of the stuff that is happening here

that most people should know about, but don’t.


Women are THE driving force behind WBBC.


Not sure how this happened exactly…

Maybe it’s because my Gram who raised me

taught me how to cook and bake and I can

empathize with the opposite sex.


The thing is…

What the following group of women is doing is unseen

in the fitness industry at the small business level.

In fact…

At any level.


The article will be entitled:


FITNESS (that you’ve never heard of but SHOULD)


Please join me in congratulating:

Danielle Greene

Chantel Eisen

Allison Timm

Susan Gillson

Michelle Sutton

Maggie Kennedy


Each has, at one time, run the biggest camp.

Each has devoted unselfishly to OTHER camps


Each has overcome their own adversity and now

are shining examples of just HOW to run a camp.


Combined they have over 1,000 people a year that they enroll.


And they’re just getting started.


And I believe this fact, your success, will lead to

OTHER strong women to push their way through and

raise their hand and say…

“I’m ready to be like them.”


I fully expect the next year to be greatly affected by this

success that each of them have shown with at least

80% of new licensees being women.

I, personally, appreciate you guys showing us

how it’s done.


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