Running a gym is HARD. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. Anyone that owns a gym can attest to the constant pressure and responsibility that comes along with owning a business. There is no such thing as leaving your work at the office. There is no such thing as slowing down or truly “taking time off”. Because not only do you and your family’s lives depend on it, your employees and THEIR families depend on it too.

But then there are things that happen that make it all worth it. All of the sweat and tears you’ve put in finally become SO worth it.

When a client tells you this:

biz text


Or this happens:

biz photo 1

(soooo cute!)


Or when THIS happens:

Biz photo 3


Or even when THIS HAPPENS:

biz photo 4

The best part? You get to share in the successes (and the lows) with fellow gym owners.

Because NOBODY understands it unless they’re in your shoes.


And at the end of the day, you remember why you do this. You remember why you get up every morning before everyone else. You remember why you take on the responsibility of owning a business. You remember why after a 16 hour day, you’re still scrubbing toilets at the box (ughhh).


The hard days are hard, but the good days make it worth it.


If you’re not part of the private group of gym owners yet,

come join us. We’ll do it TOGETHER.


A place to kick ass.

Take names.

Cry when shit hits the fan,


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