Out of the 5,000+ gyms that we have helped

over the years, we have had hundreds that

have taken the time to tell us about their

success with our material.


Here are a few of our most recent success

stories just to give you a sample.










1: CrossFit Grandview – Columbus, OH


Brandon Couden split with his business

partner in 2013.


Also, his business partner was Graham



To make sure his business didn’t backslide,

Brandon signed up for The BIZ Tribe.


Using The BIZ Tribe, he went from $680K in

2013 to over $1 Million in 2014.


That is how the real heavy hitters play…


2: CrossFit Credence – Rochester, MN


Dave and Allie Timm were in a hard way at

the start of 2015.


In January, they were at $15K/month and

about to close their doors.


Using The BIZ materials, they did $60K in

June, will do $50K in July, and $90K in



That is a MASSIVE turnaround inside the



Oh, and they are opening a second location



3: CrossFit PTC – Peachtree, GA


Ric Thompson had been stuck at $19K/month

for a year.


Using BIZ Materials he was able to get over

the hump and get his monthly to $39K.


That is a 100% increase in revenue using

BIZ materials.


4. Your story here: You’re our next big

BIZ TRIBE success story.


All these stories have one thing in common

and just about nothing else.


The one thing in common is The BIZ Tribe.


Their location, where they were in their

business, and their goals were all totally



So whether you are trying not to close,

stuck at a certain level, or trying to turn

your gym into a Million dollar box, The

Tribe will get you there.


This offer ends on Friday, so make sure

to get in now.


Here’s that link for THE TRIBE  one more time.



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