Happy New Year!

Hopefully, you had a restful holiday and are fully rejuvenated and ready to raise the bar for your business in 2013!

New Years is a great time to reboot your business for success and improvements. (Though it’s not the only time of the year to do this, and your plan should NEVER be a fixed course of action for finding success).

I’ve talked with several affiliates in The BIZ’s All-In program over the past few weeks to gauge just how many of us are prepared to take on the New Year. Can you guess what the majority said…? The number of “unplanned” businesses will scare you!

For those of you with the “I’ll figure it out as I go” mentality, you might as well blindfold yourself on your next WOD and wander around aimlessly looking for a new PR. This is the equivalent to how you’re running your business. My advice is to remove the blindfold and start taking action for the 2013 year before it’s too late.

Even if you’ve already written your plan, you may be overwhelmed or uncertain as to how to start. The action items below will be critical to helping you get a handle on your plan early on in the process.

How Do I Take Critical Action In My Business?

What do you want to accomplish?

If I’m a member on your team, help me understand where you’re leading us if all things came together. Share your vision!

Reflect on the past year, then explain how we’ll reach your vision.

What worked and what didn’t? Analyze your financials and project your future success based on membership growth, supplement programs, events, challenges, seminars and additional revenue sources.

Organize and strategize.

Create a calendar year of events, challenges, seminars, new supplement programs – and determine their launch dates. Your team’s success will be linked to the detail of your organization, so include marketing lead times, estimate budgeting, sign-up projections, additional equipment needed, free and paid events, etc. This strategic calendar will serve as a running template for future planning years, as well as open doors for better team communication.

Chunk it down.

How do you eat an elephant? You know this one… “One bite at a time!” Break your yearly goals into quarterly team goals, then weekly tasks. Can you say, “Weekly Positive Focus Meeting?”

Starting to see your vision coming to life now?

A well-rounded plan includes critical action items like vision, revenue and profits, new program developments, member satisfaction, quality, growth, innovation and staff development. To avoid these areas of planning is to avoid critical action for your affiliate’s success!

My All-In team (Profit Makers) and I have taken off our blindfolds and are ready to kick ass in 2013! In my opinion, there shouldn’t be a single business without direction and a plan to fight for “The BIZ Of The Year” kind of growth!

Join our vision for success by answering these 2 questions right now:

1. From which area will your business’s biggest improvement come in 2013?

2. How has developing a New Year’s plan affected your outlook for the New Year?

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